Monday, August 15, 2016

Recap of the Week

Blogging has been going well on my other blogs but I keep neglecting my author blog. Here’s to getting back on track.

What I’m Working On: I have been feverishly getting Brain Bites off the ground. I have the logo and the first e-book cover. I also found a typesetter. The website is still under construction but the blog is alive and I have been posting to the Facebook page. I am also getting closer to my 20,000 word mark for my biography of Queen Mary I of England. I binged watched Tudors and Wolf Hall to get me into the spirit. I also bought the book Wolf Hall. No idea why I didn’t read it before as it won the Booker Prize. Thomas Cromwell is definitely an interesting character and I will be doing a Brain Bite for him as well. However, for the next Brain Bite for October launch I will be doing The War of the Roses.

What I’m Watching: I have been happily sucked into the world of Game of Thrones. I am on Season 4. I avoided it for the longest time because I thought it was based on a video game. It is exceptionally well written. Martin said he based the plot on The War of the Roses. That’s probably why I like it. Pure fantasy is not my favorite genre. I did a hefty dose of reality mixed in.

What I’m Reading: MacBeth by Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I by Anne Somerset.

What I’m Searching For: Blogs on the Tudors and Shakespeare. Interesting podcasts on history and literature.

Art: I completed my first wood burning project this weekend. I loved doing it and will plan on a Halloween project. Probably a haunted house. I also started an abstract piece called "Tangled Waves" using high flow acrylics. I don’t like it yet. I need to pour more than brush.

Fiction: My novel is tabled until October so that I can finish a few e-books for Brain Bites. However, If I start again in October it will be finished by the end of the year.

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