Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mary is Done

Just finished my bio of Queen Mary I of England for my series, Brain Bites. It ended on a flat note. Mary had a short reign and seemed to accomplish little. She also got the moniker “Bloody Mary” after death due to Protestant propaganda during Elizabeth’s reign. I actually feel sorry for Mary. Elizabeth was a political schemer like her mother though her life did not end with her head being chopped off. Elizabeth would have made Anne Boleyn proud. Mary was just the unfortunate first born of a man who stopped loving her mother well before Anne came on the scene.

I managed to finish a painting this weekend. Another abstract about snow. The temperature in Arizona is still hot thought it hasn’t been in triple digits for the past few days. As September unfolds, I am becoming more in the spirit of the holiday season. It’s a long march to Halloween but I am starting to savor the days as they get cooler and the autumn moon begins to glow and the starlight starts to sharpen.

I finished Game of Thrones a few weeks ago and am still missing it. I considered reading the books but my time is limited and I have far too many non-fiction books to read. I got a book on Old English and Chaucer’s Middle English. I also bought books on Old Norse, Icelandic, Inuit, and the Sagas of the Icelanders. This interest arose from Game of Thrones, which borrows from the North Atlantic languages and stories in much the same way Tolkien did.

I started watching Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell on Netflix. When did magic in the West die? When did it begin? Was it the Druids? The Goths? The Vikings? The Picts? The Celts? Probably all of them and the slow progress of science and civilization eroded the power and use of magic.

Now that Mary is done, I will be starting a biography on King John. I am excited to explore the Magna Carta.  

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